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Event: Will Keeps (William Holmes)

Feldhacker's Youth and Family Ministries welcomed musical artist, community activist, and guest speaker Will Keeps (from Des Moines) for Creston and the surrounding area's youth on March 21st, 2018. Will seeks to educate and mentor our youth, providing insight, motivation, and inspiration to get or stay on track with their schooling and get through family struggles. He suggests music and creativity as an outlet for negative emotions.

We had a large group of kids show up for this event, and it was an excellent night for all. The kids listened Will' stories and really engaged with him. From one personal hardship to another, Will taught the kids that in the face of adversity, you can persevere.

You can find out more about Will Keeps here: http://willkeeps.com/

Our local area youth, Feldhacker's directors, and Will Keeps.

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