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At the Feldhackers Youth and Family Ministries many people walk through the doors. Many with amazing stories and such different backgrounds. Those people are known by family, friends, and the people at the Fun Center. Now you can know them too! As we begin this journey to learn more about the youth, please sit tight and enjoy the lessons and history.

Beginning with one of our very own amazing teens, George Borgmann a was born in Des Moines and is sixteen years old. He wants to be a police officer because he watches the news and has seen that people of minorities have not gotten along. He wants to be able to help the cause and "show that cops are not bad." In George's family he has four biological siblings and he happens to be the youngest. Although George is a happy and great kid now, he hasn't had a great childhood. As a young child George didn't always have his father around, which he said was okay because he was a mommy's boy. Although when George was eleven he lost his mother, and his father wasn't doing the parenting classes. George was then put into foster care. As of four years ago a family in Creston adopted him and he doing better.

Although he was adopted, George had become a bit of a 'troubled teen.' George got into a lot of things he should not have gotten into. One incident landed him in trouble with the police. He proceeded to do community service which he did at Feldhacker's Youth and Family Ministries Fun Center.

The center has been a "safe place for him to come and stay." It is a good environment that he goes to when he has a bad day and is provided food and drinks among other things. According to George the center has even provided him clothes a couple of times. He enjoys the Wednesday night program for teens where they get to bowl, play arcade games, eat food and drink while learning about responsibilities and other life lessons. He also enjoy on Sundays where he comes to the center and he enjoys "talking about God and what God means to everyone." He "enjoys it and hopes they continue to do it and for other people to come."

The center has given him several memories from amazing to just downright embarrassing moments. His favorite memory is from when Will Keeps came to talk to everyone. He liked that someone famous came and talked to the group and what God has done for him, in which changed Will's life. Along with his favorite we definitely asked about his most embarrassing.

"Okay so, during church behind the bowling lanes there was, like, a ghost back there. I went to go back there to see what it was and the had me go through the right side to the left. While I was back there Jack turned the machines on and they were running and I got scared. So I stopped and didn't move. I was, like, I'm gonna die back here. It was pitch black too I couldn't use my phone so I couldn't see. I didn't want to admit it, but I screamed too." George said.

Overall George is an outstanding youth that has chosen Feldhacker's Youth and Family Ministries Fun Center as a place to learn, live, and grow. Hopefully he continues on his path with the center!

A few fun facts about George:

Enjoys basketball, kick boxing, and hanging out with friends.

Favorite food: "Obviously" Chicken and watermelon

Favorite Music: Rap (but he listens to all sorts of music)

Favorite Candy: Strawberry licorice and Sweet tarts

Favorite Drink: Rootbeer

Favorite Sport: Basketball

Favorite Movies: Jurassic World and (ALL TIME MOVIE) Infinity Wars

Favorite Person: "I always wanted to be like Jack and Wayne because they are a really big influence for me. With all the stuff they do with kids we don't have a lot of people like them and we do need more. When I first moved here when I was eleven I had heard Creston was like little Chicago, with all the drugs, all the dealers and stuff. You'd see kids walking around jumping in front of cars and playing ding-dong ditch. Kids had nowhere to be and would try going some places and get told that they couldn't be there because the were 'troubled kids.' Ever since Feldhacker bought the building they've had a place to go to actually be themselves and not be judged by things they have done, you know. Jack and Wayne have had their own pasts and understand. That's why I feel comfortable talking to them about my problems. There is a problem that most places judge you and there are not a lot of places like the FFC."

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