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Featured Youth: Raegan Simpson

Raegan Simpson is a sweet nine old girl going into fourth grade this coming school year. She is one of the many amazing individuals that we are blessed to have at Feldhacker’s Youth and Family Ministries Fun Center. 

Although she is still young Raegan; being born in Des Moines, having two siblings and a rough start; she has been through a lot. Raegan is an outstanding young  lady who loves school, her family, and creates a vibrant bubble around her.

Raegan told us that when she is older she would love to be oncologist, a doctor for cancer patients. Now the reasoning behind this is something you would expect from the sweet Miss Raegan. Now something you couldn't tell from this happy girl is when she was younger she did have cancer. Diagnosed with Hemophagocytic lymphocytes (HLH), which is a cancer, at six months old Raegan and her family began an unexpected journey. With twelve rounds of chemotherapy and steroids. Along with HLH she also had histoplasmosis, an infection, which her mom had to run IV medicine for three months at home. Raegan went into remission miraculously after three and a half months of treatment. She has now been cancer free since then. 

Due to her chemo, her learning ability was slowed but at school she has an individualized education program, IEP, which boosted her back and she is the smart little girl who keeps thriving alongside her classmates! 

For Raegan the center is another place to learn which she loves, which she learns about trusting others and much more! She enjoys to bowl a lot which they get to do for free on kids night on Tuesday! Her favorite memory of the center is once she won pool. Although her most embarrassing moment is when she spilled something. Her funniest memory is when someone else spilled food; and IT WAS MESSY! 

Fun Facts:

Favorite Hobby: Coloring

Favorite Music: Calm music not very loud

Favorite Food: Pizza (Peppironi Pizza)

Favorite Drink: Juice (LOVES APPLE JUICE)

Favorite Candy: 3 Musketeers

Favorite Person: Her Mom "Because she is cool!"

Favorite Sport: Soccer

Favorite Movie: Beauty and the Beast

Person she inspires to be:

"My mom and dad because they always make us safe."

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