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Okay, so you all know who I am, my name is Mia Maxwell. I was told that, so people know who I am, I should be the next feature! To start off with, my name is pronounced My-a for all of you who might think it is Me-a! (Haha, I correct everyone it's okay, I don't know who pronounced it wrong while reading.)

I was born in Shenandoah, Iowa on the lovely date of May 31, 2000. I grew up in a few different places due to my parents being divorced when I was one. Now it was rough growing up not having them both, but I survived and I THINK my siblings did too.

Anyway I started here in Creston the summer before my junior year. Now I know that means I haven't been here too long. (If it helps I went to kindergarten at the Franklin School here in town. I also lived here a few-several times.) So I'm not completely new here. I did start off rough with it here. I wanted to fit in and I did get into a bit of trouble. (Sorry Dad!) I'm no perfect child, nobody is, but I've come to except things. So my junior year I started school and I had a fresh start at a new school. A couple months in I met a guy and a few months later I found out I was going to be a mom. Yeah I know maybe not the best thing, but things happen.

I went through my junior year and finished school and became a mom the first day of school of my senior year. I had a little girl who completely changed my life. I finished my senior year graduating a semester early and began to raise her. See I was a single mom and I still raise my daughter. I made the choice and accepted the outcome. I went back to work at Fareway, was accepted to start college at SWCC and I did this for myself and my daughter.

Feldhacker's Youth and Family Ministries Fun Center became a family. They took me in and became what I needed in my life. I volunteer here working with the kids on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I help with the business part as I already work at Fareway as a cashier, as it came easy. Not only does it give me more experience, but it also gives me an amazing place to come with my daughter. I can still bring my daughter here and be able to work and be a mom while also being a teenager and having fun.

Now to the cheesy parts! Well someone that I look up to is actually two people I never truly got to meet and spend time with. My two grandfathers are an important part of my life. Do my parents know this is my motivation? No. Does anyone? No. My moms dad died, of a heart attack, before I was born but I look up to him as a service man (Navy Hospital Corpsman; Third Class) and are single dad who barred his teeth and pushed through raising his daughter while working. My dad's father died, of cancer, a few weeks before I turned five. He was a hard working farm boy who had a handful of kids and was a family man. Both men were very strong in their relationship with God. They both were family men, hardworking, outstanding men. Just because they weren't able to be in my life doesn't mean I couldn't look up to them. No not all of my choices would they agree with, but I hope that those two are proud of me.

Okay so the simple things!

Favorite color- Blue and Green

Food- Chili Cheese Fries

Drink- Mt. Dew or Sprite

Candy- Chocolate

Music- All kinds

Movie- No specific movie

Hope you enjoyed!

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