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Featured Youth: Chloe Hamm

Chloe Hamm, a very fun loving six year, is the next feature! Chloe is an only child of her loving parents and was born in Des Moines, Iowa. She enjoys coming to the center each week; where she learns about several things and gets to eat what ever she wants! (Her favorite thing to do!)

Some of her favorite things to do include helping her mom cook at home. She enjoys listening to hip-hop and rap. Cardi-B is Chloe's favorite singer. She does not care for school and she feels her most embarrassing moment is when she reads in front of her class, but according to mom she is good at reading. 

One of Chloe's favorite shows, America's Got Talent, is where she wants to end up! Although she said that with all those people she would be nervous and that it would be embarrassing! At least she loves to dance and sing! That is what she wants to do when she gets older!

At the center he favorite memory is when we got to go outside to do the cloud experiment. The cloud experiment was a "storm in a jar". It is to teach them how the clouds worked and Chloe loved the clouds! She likes the center because she gets to eat what ever and is kept safe. (We were under a tornado watch/warning the day of the interview!) 

Other of her Favorite Things:

Drink: Cherry Coke ; which she gets to drink at the center!

Food: Sloppy Joe's!

Movie: Elf

Sport: Basketball

Her favorite people are her dog Loki and her mom! She chose her dog because he is fluffy and very nice and she chose her mom because she says her mom is super super nice! 

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